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If only I was born 5 years earlier...

2009-02-03 15:25:53 by mattmitchell-737

Hard to believe it. I have had a job since I was 15 years old, and no more than 6 months after I finish college with a bachelor's and associates degree I get layed off. I guess it isn't all that bad though, considering I was putting in 60-70 hour weeks for the past 6 months. Now I get to live the dream, collecting government cheese while looking for a new job. Okay, maybe it isn't the dream, but when you can't get a job in your field (Business Management) in the Dayton, Ohio area it is just sad.

Oh yeah, if you live North of Dayton, Ohio (Sidney here) and are looking for a manager with experience in the automotive field (reason I got laid off), tell me when and where you want me to be.


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2009-02-03 15:27:30

I'll meet you by the street sign, JUST AROUND MIDNIGHT!

mattmitchell-737 responds:

Do I need to bring the lube this time?


2010-10-25 01:20:09

Just figured I would post since I now have a job and the last post is way out of date. Hard to believe how big this site has gotten. I remember when I was watchin eskimo bob and thought it was the best stuff since sliced bread.